All That’s Necessary to Understand About Back Pain Treatment

If you are suffering from back pain, you need to know your options for treatment. Fortunately, there are several treatments available to help reduce and eliminate your pain. The first step is finding a doctor. A doctor can help you determine the exact cause of your back pain and recommend a treatment plan. However, you should note that not all doctors will be able to treat back pain. Browse this site listing about Lawrenceville Sports Injury Doctor-QC Kinetix (Lawrenceville)
One treatment that is very effective is acupuncture. This treatment uses very thin needles that are inserted in specific points on your body to alleviate pain. The needles are left in place for 10 to 20 minutes while you lie still. After that, a back specialist will gently remove the needles. Back pain can also be relieved with over-the-counter pain relievers. These medications are typically non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Physiotherapy can also be a good option.
MRI and CT scans are other options for diagnosing back pain. These tests can provide detailed images of bone and soft tissues. MRI scans are also helpful when diagnosing herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Some doctors may also recommend these tests if they suspect infection or cancer.
Another option for treatment of back pain is surgery. Depending on the cause of your pain, a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon may be able to address it. In some cases, pain pumps can help reduce pain without surgery. In other cases, a spinal fusion may be necessary. If this does not relieve your pain, surgery may be the best option.
Back pain is common and affects 80 percent of adults. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for missed work days and job-related disability. The Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania offers a comprehensive approach to back pain treatment and offers conservative measures as well as surgical procedures. They can also be done at home and are affordable.
Low back pain may be associated with radiculopathy, which is a condition in which a spinal nerve root is irritated. This may cause radiating pain, numbness, or tingling. It may also lead to muscle weakness in the affected area. Generally, symptoms will improve within a few weeks.
If you experience pain in your lower back, you should rest for at least a day. Depending on the severity of the pain, you may find it most comfortable to lie on your back or side. If you cannot sleep, you can also try some light exercises. But if you can’t bear the pain, you should see a doctor immediately. While bed rest is a good option, you shouldn’t overdo it. Movement relieves muscle spasms and helps you recover faster.
If you are experiencing back pain due to a herniated disc, you should consult a doctor. A doctor can perform a discectomy to remove the herniated disc that is causing pain. A herniated disc is pressed on a spinal cord or nerve root and can be very painful.

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