Bathroom Renovations – Need to Know

When planning a bathroom renovation, you’ll need to decide on a budget. You’ll need to figure out how much to spend on materials, as well as the type of customization you’re seeking. Make sure to include the costs of permits and fees. bathroom reno near me has some nice tips on this. In many cases, the materials themselves won’t be as costly as the labor and other costs associated with the job.


A bathroom renovation can improve visual appeal and functionality. It can include additional storage space, a new vanity, or more comfortable tiles. It can also add safety and ease of use. Ultimately, you can choose to do all or part of the renovation yourself. Listed below are some of the major costs that you’ll incur when planning a bathroom renovation.
Electrical wiring: If your home is an older home, you may need to update your bathroom’s wiring to ensure it’s GCFI-protected. Many older homes don’t have proper wiring and might be prone to electrical shocks. You should also check the plumbing system, as many older homes don’t have proper traps and shutoff valves.
Detailed blueprint: A detailed blueprint is critical when planning a bathroom renovation. A thorough blueprint will help the contractor avoid confusion and mistakes. Your blueprint should include design guidelines, budget, and any mistakes you might want to avoid. Having all the information needed to complete the renovation is important to ensure the best possible result.
Electrical outlets: Electrical outlets are important parts of a bathroom renovation, as they will often power things like hair dryers or light fixtures. Make sure you plan for outlets within easy reach. Be sure to include GFCI outlets and install them on a dedicated circuit. Be sure to mark the electrical outlets as well as the plumbing so they won’t get damaged during renovation.
Cost: Bathroom renovations are often the most expensive part of a home remodel. The average price range for a bathroom renovation is about $6,597, while some higher-end projects cost more than $25,000. If you want to make your bathroom more affordable, consider a smaller bathroom renovation. New countertops and tiles can add about $1,500 to a mid-size bathroom.
Fixtures: Fixtures in a bathroom can become outdated with age. A bathroom renovation can be a great opportunity to replace old fixtures with new ones made of better materials. For instance, many modern bathroom fixtures are designed to save more water. Modern toilets and faucets can also help you save water. This can help you lower your water bill in the long run.
The cost of the bathroom renovation project will vary based on the scope of the work. While new tile may cost only $2,000, a full bathroom remodel may require a more expensive $26,000. In addition to the material costs, you’ll have to factor in labor costs. Some companies will charge more than others for bathroom renovations, so make sure you budget appropriately.

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