Learn About a Dog Trainer

As with any profession, working with dogs comes with a variety of risks. Some dogs are fearful, defiant, and aggressive, which makes it imperative for a dog trainer to know how to safely handle all breeds and sizes. Lehi dog training has some nice tips on this. However, there are also several benefits to becoming a dog trainer. For one, these professionals get to interact with a wide variety of animals and learn about their individual habits.

In order to become a dog trainer, a person must learn about the science behind animal behavior and learning. They need to be able to understand both classical and operant conditioning and how to apply it in different situations. Ideally, they should also have some hands-on experience with dogs, as well as have completed college coursework in animal behavior and learning.

There are various certifications a dog trainer can obtain. For example, some dog trainers are members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Membership in the organization offers access to information, courses, and a trainer locator. Once a member, a trainer can start earning income by teaching dogs in a professional capacity. In addition, there are many opportunities for advancement in the field. Those with extensive experience can even open their own training facilities.

A dog trainer can also earn by offering additional services. For example, a dog trainer can train therapy dogs, which help senior citizens cope with anxiety and loneliness. This type of service can attract more clients and command a higher rate than a typical trainer. A dog trainer can also offer consultations to clients who are new to the dog training industry.

As a dog trainer, you must be able to understand and apply dog behavior principles. There are several certifications a dog trainer can receive. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) offers professional certification and third-party accreditation. It has more than 5,000 members and the PCT-A and CTT-A levels. To qualify for these certifications, a dog trainer must have completed at least one year of college or equivalent field experience. The program is 12 weeks long, and includes hands-on practice.

As a dog trainer, you can choose to conduct your services on a remote or in-person basis. This career is ideal for people who have a passion for animals and for people. In addition, it can be a rewarding career choice. You can work from home or travel the world. It is a flexible job that allows you to spend your days helping others and having fun doing what you love.

Dog trainers can be self-employed or work for a dog daycare center, boarding kennel, or an animal clinic. These professionals teach dogs to obey common commands and to behave properly. They also work with clients and provide updates on their dogs’ progress. Some dog trainers work with dogs from puppyhood all the way up to adulthood.

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