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The first step in joint pain treatment is to determine the cause of the pain. Your health care practitioner will ask about your symptoms and the activities you have been doing since the pain first occurred. They may also order x-rays or ultrasound to determine the location and extent of the damage. The results of these tests may help determine the best treatment for you. sports medicine near me has some nice tips on this. MRI scanning is also an option for some patients to determine the exact location of the damage.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can help alleviate the pain and reduce swelling. You can take these over-the-counter or get prescription strength versions from your doctor. You can also apply topical treatments to the affected area. You can also seek out prescription-strength dietary supplements to help reduce the pain.

The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. It is characterized by deterioration of cartilage in the joints and causes painful swelling and stiffness. The disease usually develops gradually in middle age. Other types of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis and gout. The latter is associated with a buildup of blood and crystals in the joints.

Steroid injections are another common treatment for joint pain. These are most often used to treat patients with arthritis and tendinitis. While they may relieve the pain, they may only mask the problem temporarily. The best treatments for joint pain should be chosen after consultation with your doctor. However, steroid injections should never be used as a sole option for treating your arthritis.

Aside from prescription medication, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy can help increase mobility and motion of the affected area. Surgery may also be recommended for severe cases. This treatment is highly effective in managing some cases of arthritis. It is a good option for patients with pain that prevents them from performing their regular activities.

While many of the treatments available for joint pain are effective, some of the most common treatments are surgery and injections. For instance, injections of platelet-rich plasma, which are made from a patient’s own blood, are injected into the painful joint. The platelets and proteins in the plasma provide immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties that may help the joint recover. There are also injections of hyaluronan that stimulate the healing process of damaged tissues.

Regenerative medicine is a new approach to treatment for joint pain that has shown great promise. By adding growth factors to these treatments, regenerative medicine is able to help patients regain mobility and function. These treatments may include nerve blocks and injections. Clinical trials are also available. If you are looking for an advanced treatment for joint pain, Dr.Steenblock has the experience you’re looking for. He is an expert in regenerative medicine.

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