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A top joint pain clinic is able to diagnose the underlying condition quickly and prescribe the best treatment for joint pain. Doctors will ask you a series of questions to determine the source of your pain. Based on these answers, they will formulate a medical treatment plan. These treatments are designed to minimize pain and restore range of motion. The goal of a joint pain clinic is to help patients live a more active and pain-free life. click to read more here. QC Kinetix (Bellevue)

A good joint pain clinic will start with a thorough physical examination to determine the cause of your pain and your medical history. X-rays and blood tests may also be ordered to rule out any underlying health problems. The best clinics will work with your doctor to create a treatment plan that will get you back to full mobility quickly.
Joint pain can affect nearly any joint in the body. It can range in intensity and duration and can negatively impact your quality of life. For this reason, accurate diagnosis is essential to find the best treatment. Non-surgical treatments may include medication to correct an underlying condition or physical therapy to improve joint range of motion. Lifestyle changes may also be helpful.
The best joint pain clinics will prescribe medications that relieve pain by reducing joint swelling and inflammation. Some of these medications may be available over the counter, such as NSAIDs and joint medicine injections. For more severe cases, COX-2 inhibitors or opioids may be prescribed. Physical therapy and exercise is also a great way to deal with pain.
Physical therapy helps patients regain range of motion, strengthen the muscles around the painful joints, and reduce the risk of further injury. Physical therapists may also use ultrasound, heat, cold, or nerve stimulation to target the problem area and reduce pain. This treatment may last for weeks or even years, depending on the severity of your condition.
Physical examinations and X-rays may also be necessary to diagnose joint pain. These tests can rule out underlying diseases, including autoimmune disorders. Blood tests can also reveal the cause of joint pain. Some patients will need to undergo surgery or an MRI to determine the source of their joint pain. Other treatments may include lifestyle changes, anti-inflammatory drugs, or physical therapy.
Physical therapy is one of the most common treatments for joint pain. A physical therapist will prescribe exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected joint and reduce the risk of further injury. New developments in regenerative medicine can help rebuild joint tissue and reduce the effects of arthritis. A joint pain clinic can also prescribe dietary supplements to help manage pain without undergoing surgery.

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