What You Need To Know About Raleigh sports medicine

If you’re having problems with your joints, a visit to a joint pain clinic can help you find relief. Several treatment options are available, including injections, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes. Understanding how to use these options is the first step in finding relief. Raleigh sports medicine  has some nice tips on this. A rheumatologist can help you determine the best course of treatment and help you understand your condition better.


Doctors can prescribe pain medications, exercise, and physical therapy, and prescribe exercises and support aids to help you move around without pain. They can also order screenings and imaging tests to diagnose the cause of your condition. Exercise can help relieve pain and increase muscle strength and flexibility. However, physical therapy and exercise alone cannot treat OA.

Physical therapy involves a customized exercise program developed by a physical therapist. Many people who suffer from joint pain are unable to exercise, which weakens the joints and makes their condition worse. A physical therapist may recommend a knee brace to help sufferers exercise without causing too much pain. In some cases, rehabilitation can be done at home. Hot and cold treatments can be used to reduce stiff joints and help with flexibility. Patients can also sleep with a heated blanket to help with joint stiffness.

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